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As much as I love coding and creating awsome things I know the importnce of looking after yourself, when I'm not coding I'm either exercising or cooking

Hi I am Paul a front end developer currently living in a small town in the north east of England who sometimes goes by the name Tito due to that one time I came into work wearing white socks. I work for a company called Visualsoft who specialise in E-commerce and marketing solutions. Whilst I have done many roles in the company I currently work as part of the support team offering support to over a thousand existing clients helping them make design and functionality changes as well as fixing errors that can occur over time. The cool thing is as well as supporting junior members of our team I also primarily work along side marketing teams adding new tracking codes through tag manager, working with newsletter designs and making amendments to benefit google shopping and maximise PPC success.

I as much as I love working and the varied nature of being a front end developer I know the importance of off-screen time, when I'm not working I'm either found in the gym, going for a run or trying my best to be Jamie Oliver in the kitchen. Although my bank account disagrees I also love the occasional weekend away be it visiting European cities or simply camping in lakes. I am also a lover of attending as many front end conferences as I can and have plans to attend Confront this year in Malmö Sweden maybe I will see you there?

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  • Currently a front end developer at Visualsoft supporting clients in maintaining and amending their existing Websites helping businesses grow and relationships thrive

  • Started working at Visualsoft and got my first intoduction into the hectic world of e-commerce

  • After three years of hard work, all nighters and too much caffeine I graduated from Teeside University with a degree in web and multimedia

  • Started a degree in web and multimedia design at Teeside University - fun fact I almost studied film media, how would my life be different?

  • I was brought into the world - born on wednesday the 30th of august at 2PM

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